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If you offer a luxury product or service, your headshot should accurately represent the same level of excellence that you provide to your clients.




Headshot Photography

“Stephen was a lot of fun to work with and was able to make me look like I belong in front of a camera which was a pretty great feeling.”


Portrait Photography

“I was nervous about the process, but Stephens pre-shoot email regarding what I should expect and do to prepare for the shoot was super helpful, and put a lot of that nervousness at ease.”

Beliefs determine our thoughts and thoughts determine our actions.

When you see yourself looking your best, it’s easy to believe you can accomplish anything, and when you believe you can accomplish anything, the possibilities are endless.

My mission, as a portrait photographer, is to capture images that inspire you to preform at the highest level possible.



Hiring Stephen was a no-brainer since I was already very familiar with his work. I was a little nervous about the overall process before the shoot but his pre-shoot email regarding what I should expect and what I could do to prepare was very helpful and put a lot of that nervousness at ease. My favorite part of working with Stephen was the way he worked with me once I was in front of the camera. It was a lot of fun trying to adjust my body and face to get each shot and seeing all the little tricks he used to get there was super cool. I walked away from the experience with more confidence in myself and in the photos I was sharing online. I couldn’t recommend Stephen enough! His work speaks for itself and is well worth the time and money.
— Leo Salerno
I knew from looking at Stephens body of work on Instagram that I would come away from the experience with a quality headshot, and I was absolutely right! I had a great experience working with Stephen. He was very present with me and didn’t rush our time together. He was also incredibly thorough and that meant a lot to me.
Stephen is a true professional while making you feel like you are hanging out with an old friend. I was thrilled with the way my photos turned out and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends.
— Sidney Richburg
My experience with Stephen was awesome! I thought it would be difficult to find a photographer who’s work was unique, of high quality, and didn’t look like the cheesy headshots I’ve seen in the past but my experience far exceeded my expectations. Stephen was able to capture very unique and professional images that really stand out.

My favorite part was being able to see the photos as we went and having input into what types of changes I wanted to see. It was awesome being a part of the process instead of taking a bunch of shots and then being sent the final product without any input. He was also a lot of fun to work with and was able to make me look like I belong in front of a camera which was a pretty great feeling. If you want headshots that don’t look like everything else out there, connect with Stephen and I bet you’ll be amazed by what he can do
— Saxton Archer
I knew I wanted to hire Stephen to take my headshot once I saw his work but I had some anxiety about having my picture taken because I didn’t think I was very photogenic. However, the actual headshot session was above and beyond the best case scenario I had pictured. Stephens ability to calm my nerves was by far my favorite part of the experience. It felt more like a silly get together than a photoshoot.

My friends know I have no problem paying for quality. I was expecting a lot for how much I was paying and I’m happy to say that both the experience and the final images far exceeded my expectations!

If you’re considering Stephen to be your photographer, shut up and give him your money!!
— David Mercedes

About me


I’m a professional portrait and headshot photographer working out of Austin, Texas and I absolutely love what I do!

One of the most interesting things about portrait photography, to me, is the stories we tell ourselves about people just by looking at a photo of them. Being responsible for brining out your true personality in a single photo and helping to shape the story that people will tell themselves about who you are, is an honor for me. A portrait, especially a headshot, is a powerful tool that we create together.

I have had the pleasure of working with local entrepreneurs in growing their personal brands as well as businesses small and large to create content that has helped them tell their story and expand their audience. 

As a third generation entrepreneur, I’m passionate about working with people who aren’t willing to accept anything short of their ideal life. 

I believe that the best way to feel like the highest version of yourself is to see yourself as such. 


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