How-to: Download Lightroom mobile presets on your phone.


Note: Before you can download my preset package, you have to install the google drive app.

Step 1.

Open the Google Drive link in your email. Select the option “... “ button on one of the presets.

Step 2.

For iPhone users: When the menu pops up Select “open in” and select Lightroom Mobile. For android users: select “open with” then select “share” and open in Lightroom mobile.

Step 3.

Open your Lightroom mobile app and select the image you just downloaded. Select the “presets” section at the bottom.

Step 4.

Tap the “...” menu in the top right corner of your screen (top of the pop-up menu for android users) and then select “create preset”. Name your preset and hit the check mark to save it! Repeat steps for all presets.

Step 5.

To use your new Lightroom mobile preset, select the image you want it applied to, then go to your “presets” section. Make sure you are in the “user presets” menu. Select your preset, hit the check mark, make your final adjustments, and then you’re ready to save and post!